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Experience the REAL Mexico in La Colonia, La Penita de Jaltemba, Nayarit

La Colonia

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La Colonia
(La Penita de Jaltemba)
Nayarit, Mexico

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Guest Book

Excerpts taken from the guestbook at Casa Siestas y Olas:

Tony & Bernadette, North Vancouver  (October 2005)

“….. Last day and we are sad to leave. It has been a wonderful two weeks. We loved the house and its location, and enjoyed relaxing at night to the sound of the waves. We have explored far and wide mostly by bus and have enjoyed many wonderful and varied meals on our travels. We hope future tenants of this wonderful place enjoy their stay as much as we have.”

Leta & Martijn, Vancouver Island  (December 2005)

“……We regularly went on the lookout for crocodiles & managed to see a few. We’re at the end of our stay here and have had a wonderful time. We feel quite at home here and will miss the people whom made us feel so welcome. Until next time … Adios Amigos.”

Leslie, Vancouver Island  (December 2005)

“What a beautiful place to be. Really enjoying exploring La Colonia and neighbouring towns. I feel comfortable with the people and am enjoying getting to know their way of life. Love the quiet beach – the waves are big! Four days left to go and already wishing it could be longer!”

Karen & Grant, Vancouver Island  (January 2006)

“I can’t believe that it’s been three weeks – I’m not ready to go home. We have had a wonderful vacation……”

Ted & Penny  (January 2006)

“What a great place – very peaceful and quiet. Watched the many birds in the garden each afternoon….”

Ken & Shirley, Canada  (March 2006)

“It is hard to believe that we were here for a month and now must leave! What a wonderful Casa and how lucky you are to have it! Great town – friendly people!……”

Gordon, Vancouver Island  (March 2006)

“….Accommodation is fabulous. Loved La Colonia and La Penita. Neighbours and locals very friendly…..”

Ulrika, Vancouver Island  (May 2006)

“…We came down for the quietness and found exactly that. A week was too short and next time we’ll book two weeks.”

Christina & Ulg, Munich, Germany  (June 2006)

“….Thank you a lot for letting us stay at your beautiful place here at La Penita…… We really felt at home and have to say that it is way different to experience Mexico in such a nice little town with so many friendly people around! Hopefully we will be able to come back soon.”

Gord, Leandra & Family, Chilliwack, BC  (October – December 2007)

“Today is Dec. 9th. Hard to believe our time here in this lovely home is at an end. Happily though we have another 2 ½ months here in Mexico, just next door at a house we’ve rented in La Penita. Our family has enjoyed our time here and all the amenities Colin and Sabine have thoughtfully provided from sunshiny colourful décor to filtered pressurized water (!), Canadian TV, a washing machine and dishwasher ….. We do feel we’ve started to make our way into the culture here with the children going to the local schools, and the way many of the people here in La Colonia have been so friendly and welcoming …….”

Laura & Steve, Nanaimo  (January 2008)

“……Have done some eating in town, taco stand is awesome and cheap, 160 pesos for four of us, and we pigged out! Went to San Blas today for the jungle tour, we saw a croc that was about 1000lbs. She was huge…….”

Kim & Shane, Vancouver Island  (January 2008)

“The house – Casa Siestas y Olas – is everything we hoped it would be and more! …..Everyone is wonderful and kind in La Colonia and we enjoyed our stay immensely. Today is our last full day and we plan to spend it soaking up as much as we can! We did all of our shopping at Thursday’s market – get there early! – so all there is left to do is swim and suntan……To Colin and Sabine and family, thank you for sharing your house with us. We really love your homey but gorgeous house and admire all the hard work you’ve obviously put into it!”

Pam, Canada  (February 2008)

“Buenos Dias – I am sitting in your lovely home and really enjoying the morning….. The town is very friendly and we love the Casa (it was a lucky find). Thanks for sharing it with us……”

Tom & Rachel, Vancouver Island  (February 2008)

“…..The time has gone very quickly after we became accustomed to the pace, which we decided, after the 1st week of transition, is perfect for the life of a three year old and his parents……”

Vivien and David, Canada  (February 2008)

“To begin your house is beautiful – enjoyed all the space … The folks in this village are so nice and friendly – also enjoyed our meals at Juans – wonderful people.  We didn’t have a bad experience the entire time”

Karen and Neale, Oyama, BC  (February 2009)

“Just want to say how glad we are that we found your website and were able to spend a month in this lovely spot…We visited a few places within the travel distance of the collectivos and also took the bus to Tepic and Guadalajara.  It was always nice to come back to the chirping birds and croc and whale watching……”

Jason, Courtenay, BC  (March 2009)

“I had a great visit, the house is fantastic….This is a real great area of Mexico, central and many things to see north and south….”

Chris and Sarah, Victoria, BC  (May 2009)

“Wow.  What a wonderful town La Colonia is.  The locals are so friendly.  We enjoyed chatting with the ninós, beach sunsets and seeing the crocodiles in the estuary.  This place is perfectly located and I enjoyed it immensely.”

Cam and Kim, Lloydminster, SK  (May 2009)

“We needed a relaxing vacation and that’s what we got.  We loved the casa from the moment we walked in….This town is picture perfect Mexico.  Everyone is so friendly and we felt very cared for as we visited their stores…..Thanks again for the use of your amazing home; it was 2 ½ weeks in absolute paradise.”

Shelley, Roland and Revelin, Canada  (January – March 2010)

“We are packing up to go home tomorrow and can’t believe the time has passed so quickly.  We truly enjoyed this beautiful house……The cocodrilos were very cool and the beach so peaceful with tons of shells…..We survived the tsunami watch and totally enjoyed this piece of paradise.  Thank you.”

Sean, Karin and Dayton, Vancouver, BC  (March 2010)

“Wow!!  Way too short of a stay … Next time we’ll book a whole month.  The casa was such a comfortable base and way more luxurious than imagined (nice work you guys!).  La Colonia is the furthest thing from a resort town and the closest you can get to true Mexican life……Thank you so much Colin & Sabine, we had a blast.”

Stuart, Brandy, Austin and Katie, Comox, BC  (April 2010)

“We had a blast!!  During our week here we drove to the awesome town of Tequila and went on the old factory tour!  The drive was interesting and long, but what a surprise the town was!…After all that driving we stayed at the casa for a couple days to soak in the wonderful house and town.  It is beautiful here!  You two have done an amazing job!  Surfing was awesome for the boys!!  Us girls … well we enjoyed the Thursday market (omg get the rotisary chicken, it is to die for!)……”

Tracy, Dan and Griffin, Canada  (August – November 2010)

There’s no denying, little La Colonia is a pretty muddy place at the moment. In the midst of all that brown on the ground, and the rainy grey in the sky, your brightly painted house is just what we’ve needed to brighten our world these days. As artists, I’m sure you can guess, we love colour. It’s nice to live it too.

It’s not just the colours. It’s the inside/outside. It’s all the different and unique spaces that add up together. It’s the hearth-and-heart kitchen and dining room that has already been centre stage for some fun times with family and friends. It’s the open areas that make life flow, and the cosy places (like the master bedroom with the curtains closed) that cocoon us when we need to be cocooned. It’s being at the end of the road, while still feeling close to the community. It’s the comfort that comes with secure locks and fences, without feeling closed in. It’s windows in walls that don’t even go outside, and sometimes no walls at all. It’s bare feet on cool tile, or grass between your toes. It’s not having to let the dogs out, because even when they’re in, they’re sort of out already…

A nice expanse of lush and level green lawn is not a very common sight around here. What a bonus to fill in the foreground of our view from the house. The surrounding bushes and trees are all blooming, much appreciated by the hummingbirds and butterflies, all giving the constant green of grass and leaves that perfect accent of colour …”

Drew, Nanoose, BC  (February 2011)

“Ola!  Had a great time this last week of what I remember.  Lots of great food and people and most of all surf.  I learned some very important Spanish words that I used in many inappropriate situations.  You know you had a good surf trip when you’re leaving more exhausted than when you arrived!  Thanks so much Sabine and Colin for showing us the real Mexico, I won’t stay anywhere else!!…”

Evan, Vancouver Island, BC  (February 2011)

“Good food, great people, fun waves … A great experience of Mexico!  Thank you so much, after coming here, I’ll never go ‘all inclusive’!  I can’t imagine being here while the swell is overhead … I’ll have to try it out.  Not a day was wasted, great times, great memories, see you again!”

Randy and Lynda, Qualicum Beach, BC  (March 2011)

“Thank you so much for your hospitality – you both make wonderful tour guides and companions ….At the beach, hot springs, dolphins, fishing, pedi- and manicures, market, shopping – how much more can a person pack in one week – great times!!!”

Joel, Amanda and Parker, Qualicum Beach, BC  (March 2011)

“Muchas Gracias for all your hospitality and friendship.  Despite only being 7 days, this trip by far will be one of the best on record.  Lots of sun, sand, swim, good food, great drinks, even got to sneak some surf in.  You guys are great hosts and we will look forward to returning to Casa Siestas y Olas very soon and hopefully for longer than 7 days.”

Isabelle and Carl, Vancouver  (April 2011)

“What can be say about our 9 days in Mexico … Awesome!  good foods, good drinks and surf, beach, sun and all the new sounds coming from all around!  You are awesome hosts!  We got in our luggage a ton of stories and won’t be the last one, be ready to see us again in the future!  Who knows maybe for our honeymoon…!  Again thank you very much and we hope to see you again for good barbeque and some tequila!”

For more information, please contact us… we would love to hear from you!

Colin & Sabine Kearns